What I Do

I create web applications with these technologies:

Who I Am

I work, I play.

I build apps all day.

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My Work

Below are examples of projects I have worked on.


Wirestorm Website- Developed custom responsive website using React. Worked collaboratively with designer and Marketing Director through many iterations to bring the comps to life.

Calendar Mobile app- Worked collaboratively with the senior developer and UX designer to create a mobile version of a desktop calendar app using Angular/Ionic.

Entertainment and licensing company- worked on a team of twelve with a large enterprise company to update their cloud-based advertising platform written in Angular.

Metal Toad

I used AngularJS binding with SVG to create a stacked bar graph using the GitHub API.

Hooper Photographic

I created this website with bootstrap for a photographer that wanted to display his images for prospective clients.

Graph Alchemist

I used AngularJS to update the docs website of AlchemyJS. The sidebar is dynamic and uses the header tags on the page to insert the correct words.


Project R is a group project that was created as a capstone for Portland Code School. Done in JavaScript, it uses BackboneJS and ExpressJS.

Portland Code School

I am one of the people responsible for maintaining the Portland Code School website. It is in Ruby and uses Middleman.

Say Hello

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Lori Zanotta